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Dental Decay Treatment

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Dental decay is one of the most common health issues in the UK — most people have at least some tooth decay. And it’s an issue that can lead to unpleasant symptoms and serious overall health problems. 

But tooth decay doesn’t have to be a problem. There are ways to prevent and treat it before it causes serious health implications like gum disease or infection. 

At Blue Light Dental, we offer a range of dental decay treatments, from preventative hygienist appointments to fillings and root canal treatment. 

What Is Dental Decay? 

When bacteria builds up in your mouth, it causes your teeth to break down. Bacteria fuels the growth of plaque, which can turn into tartar if not brushed away. The bacteria in plaque and tartar create acids that erode your enamel (the hard outer shell of your teeth), causing tooth cavities. This breakdown of your teeth is dental decay. 

Symptoms of Dental Decay 

Dental decay doesn’t always present symptoms — in the early stages of decay, you usually won’t experience any symptoms at all, which is why it’s so important to attend regular dental checkups regardless. 

However, tooth decay can worsen over time if not treated and can then cause unpleasant symptoms, including: 

Toothache or Sensitivity

While on the outside, your teeth have a hard shell of enamel, inside your teeth, there are sensitive tissues and nerves. If dental decay has caused tooth cavities, these tissues or nerves may be exposed, causing pain or sensitivity. 


Tooth decay can cause your teeth to yellow over time, or you may notice dark spots on your teeth, which can lead you to feel self-conscious about your smile. 

Bad Breath 

The bacteria that cause tooth decay can emit a foul odour, which in turn can lead to bad breath. This is a symptom that can affect your personal and professional relationships and self-esteem. 

Damaged Teeth 

As dental decay causes teeth to break down, you may be left with damaged teeth. Cavities leave holes in your teeth, and with your enamel worn down, your teeth are more susceptible to chipping or fracturing. Dental decay that goes untreated can even lead to tooth loss. 

How Can We Help? 

If left untreated, dental decay can cause not just the symptoms above but also more serious health implications such as cavities, tooth loss and gum disease. We can help you treat and prevent dental decay, restoring your mouth to full health. 

Preventative Dentistry: Checkups and Hygiene Appointments 

One of the best ways to keep dental decay at bay is to have regular appointments with your dentist. Regular checkups mean your dentist can keep an eye on your overall oral health and catch tooth decay in its early stages. 

We offer dental checkups with our friendly and professional dentists, as well as hygienist appointments to give your teeth the deep clean they deserve. With regular dental hygiene appointments, you can prevent tooth decay and gum disease by professionally removing plaque. 

Restoring Teeth with Fillings 

If tooth cavities have left your inner tooth exposed, we can restore the tooth with a filling. This restores the strength of your tooth and protects the exposed tissue or nerve, putting a stop to any pain or sensitivity. At Blue Light Dental, we use white fillings that match the natural shade of your teeth, so you won’t even be able to notice them.

Treating Dental Decay with Root Canal

If dental decay has been left untreated for a long time, it may have caused the inner tissue of your teeth (the pulp) to become infected. Root canal treatment can treat the infection and prevent further decay. 

Replacing Missing or Damaged Teeth 

If dental decay has damaged a tooth beyond repair or caused tooth loss, we can help you restore your smile by replacing missing or damaged teeth. We offer dental treatments such as dental implants, bridges and dentures to replace teeth and help you achieve your dream smile. 

If you’re experiencing any symptoms of dental decay, get in touch today. We can help you treat and prevent tooth cavities. 

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