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Emergency Dentist Payment and Cancellation Policy

Dear Patient,

We would like to thank you for choosing us as your treatment provider. Here at Blue Light Dental & Aesthetics Clinic, our number one aim is to provide you with a range of exceptional treatments with safety as our top priority. Our range of treatments includes dental implants, teeth straightening, anti-wrinkle treatments, laser skin treatments and an emergency dentist service.

We take pride in going above your expectations and, in turn, expect patients to comply with our policies. Life can come with unexpected twists and turns, many of which we can never control.

Therefore, if you cannot attend a booked appointment, please make us aware with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice. Failure to do so will land you a £30 cancellation fee per 30 minutes, which we’re quite sure you’d want to avoid! The easiest way to cancel would be to give us a ring on 0208 3400 666.

Did you know that last month, we lost 10.3 hours of appointment time due to patients failing to attend? This cost us a whopping £2,392.23! This isn’t great on our part, unfortunately. We would hate to refuse you an appointment slot booked by someone who wouldn’t attend, which happens often.

In order to avoid this in the future and to be able to offer emergency appointments, we have introduced a pre-payment system for all patients. We will be taking a £30 deposit to secure appointments. To make things easier, you can book an appointment via our website:, where you can book and pre-pay hassle-free.

As mentioned previously, we take pride in providing treatments tailored to you and once again thank you for choosing us as your provider,

Warm regards,

Blue Light Dental & Aesthetics Clinic

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