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Dental and Aesthetic Tips From the Experts

Check out the latest blogs – featuring expert advice on a number of dental and aesthetic treatments. Our highly experienced dentists in North London share their expertise on everything from teeth whitening to tattoo removal. For more information about the dental and aesthetic treatments available, please contact us today.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost and Is It Worth It?
For those of us who dream of having silky skin with no unwanted hair, laser hair removal is the perfect
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Dental Bridges vs Implants: Which Is the Best Option for You?
Missing teeth can disrupt your everyday life, affecting your confidence, your appearance and your health. Whether you’ve lost teeth because
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5 Oral Health Tips from a Top Dentist in Crouch End
Doctor Monika Laczna, the principal dentist and CEO of Blue Light Dental in Crouch End, shares her oral health tips
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Is it Possible to Get Straight Teeth in 6 Months?
Are you looking for teeth straightening in London? Do you want straight teeth as soon as possible? Find out below
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How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?
Although you can’t put a price on your health, it’s safe to say that high-quality medical care is worth its
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The Risks of Getting Dental Implants for Cheap
When it comes to permanently replacing missing teeth, dental implants are one of the most advanced and efficient solutions. This
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5 Essential Things to Know About Removing Tattoos
Getting a tattoo is a serious commitment as it’s something that will be embedded in your skin for the rest
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Common Dental Implant Problems (and How to Overcome Them)
When it comes to caring for your teeth, it’s vital to find the best treatment to suit your needs. If
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Why it’s Vital to Find a Dental Implant Specialist
A dental implants procedure is much more advanced than regular oral treatment. In fact, it’s technically a form of surgery.
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Dental Implant Aftercare: Good Habits to Get Into
Dental implant aftercare is a vital part of any surgery, as this will determine how successful the healing process is.
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