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The Risks of Getting Dental Implants for Cheap

When it comes to permanently replacing missing teeth, dental implants are one of the most advanced and efficient solutions. This type of procedure requires specialist expertise and high-quality engineered implants, so there are risks if you prioritise cost over quality. Our expert Dentist in London explains the threes things you should consider.

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Your oral health and the condition of your teeth play a vital role in your overall well-being and quality of life, so any big decisions regarding this should never be taken lightly. If you’re someone who has a tooth or teeth missing, then one of the options available to you is getting dental implants.

Due to the engineering and expertise required for this type of treatment, it comes with a more expensive price tag when compared to dentures or bridges. Because of this, you might be tempted to save some money by finding the cheapest available option. Unfortunately, opting for the cheapest treatment runs the risk of you experiencing both short and long-term difficulties.

In this post, we’ll highlight a few of the risks of getting dental implants for cheap and why it’s worth investing in a higher-quality service.

1. Cheap Rarely Means Good

Although the word ‘cheap’ may be appealing when buying certain products or services, you should be extremely wary of “bargain” medical procedures. Whenever you visit a dentist, you are putting a lot of trust in them as a professional — you’re literally putting the health of your teeth in their hands. In this case, the low cost is likely to be a reflection of their skill as a dental surgeon or the quality of the implants.

If you feel that dental implants are definitely the right solution for you, but you’re concerned about the cost, don’t worry. At Blue Light Dental Clinic, we offer 0% finance for customers who prefer to spread the cost.

2. Poor-Quality Dental Implants Could Lead to Future Problems

While it’s not for us to say that every cheap dental implant will be of a poor quality, there’s no doubt that you’d be taking that risk. Your implant could break or you may discover that it hasn’t been fitted into your gum correctly (due to inefficient surgery). Not only will this cause you a lot of pain and discomfort, but it will also have a significant effect on your day-to-day life.

Getting dental implants from a less-reputable practice can also cause other serious problems — ones that not only affect your teeth but your bank balance, too. If you’re unable to attain a refund for insufficient or even negligent work, you’ll have to go down the legal route and file a dental law claim. Failing that, you’ll have to pay the price for corrective surgery from a different practice. By choosing the right dental surgeon from the beginning, you eliminate the risk of needing corrective surgery later down the line.

3. There’s a Risk of Health Issues from Bad Dental Work

It’s important to remember that fitting dental implants is a medical procedure that will require the skills of a surgeon rather than your everyday dentist. If you sacrifice the quality of your surgeon just to save some money, you leave yourself vulnerable to the possibility of experiencing health problems in the future.

Short-term problems such as infection will occur if your dental surgeon is lax with hygiene or the sterilisation of equipment. An infection can cause severe pain and swelling of the gums, which can loosen the implant. And if the infection spreads, you could experience issues with soft tissue and the sinuses.

Long-term issues can happen for a wide range of reasons. If your surgeon places the implant incorrectly into the jaw (for example, at the wrong angle or location), this will make it difficult to chew and the additional stress on the implant may lead to bone loss. When this happens, the dental implant will become loose and create a pocket in the gum, creating enough room for food and bacteria to build up — the perfect breeding ground for infection.

Here at Blue Light Dental Clinic, we provide high-quality scientifically-engineered dental implants at competitive, affordable prices. Get in touch today to book a consultation!

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