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Dentist Fees, Cosmetic Treatments & Offers

Want to achieve the perfect smile or glowing skin? Our expert cosmetic Dentists in North London can help. We strongly believe in offering up-front dental fees for our entire range of treatments. We are sensitive to the needs of our patients, so we’re now offering 0% finance to help those that would like to spread the payment.

Check out the latest deals and fees below. Need further advice? Contact our team today for a e-consultation.

Dental Treatments

Treament Price
Implant Consultation£50
Teeth Straightening Consultation£30
6 Month Smiles£3050
Quick Straight Teeth£3050
Invisalign£2500 (one jaw)
£3500 (both jaws)
Missed Appointment (every 30min)£30
New Patient Exam, incl 2 Xryas£50
Routine Exam£30
Scale and Polish£60-£80
The Wand (needle, pain free injection)£20
Root Canal Treatment1 canal – £350
2 canal – £390
3 canal – £495
White Filling£100 – £180
Porcelain Crown£450
Post Crown£200
E-Max Crown£650
Bridge£430 per tooth/unit
Chrome Denture£1000
Flexi Partial Denture
1-3 Teeth
4-8 Teeth

Full Acrylic Denture£1000
Extraction£100 -£200
Suture Removal£50
Non Surgical Wisdom Tooth Extraction£200 (upper wisdom)
£250(lower wisdom)
MouthGuard (hard)£250
MouthGuard (soft)£150
Fixed Orthodontic Retainers (upper and lower)£250
Removable Orthodontic Retainer£200
Zoom! Whitening £355
Bleaching trays£150
Re-cementing crown£50
Laser Patch Test£30

Anti-Wrinkle Injections:

Treament Price
Armpits (excessive sweating)£300
Frown Lines (above nose) 1 area£160
Forehead (complete) 2areas£199
Forehead and Crows Feet 3areas£235
Bunny Lines£160
Hyperthrophy of Masseter (chewing) Muscle – Square Jaw£235
Gummy Smile£160
Mouth Corners Lift£160
Smokers Lines£160
V-shape jaw line/Jowl lift£250
Neck £300

Dermal Fillers:

Treament Price
Frown Line 0.5 ml (Juvaderm)£199
Cheek Augmentation 2ml (Teosyal, Juvaderm)£450
Tear Trough 1ml (Teosyal, Juvaderm)£295
Cheek augm and tear trough 3ml (Teosyal, Juvaderm)£670
Upper and Lower Lips 1ml£295
Nose to Mouth Lines 1ml£295
BDA goodpractice member RCS American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry CareQuality Commission Save Face Accredited Safe Non Surgical With PSA
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