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Why it’s Vital to Find a Dental Implant Specialist

Dental implant specialist performing dental procedure on young womanA dental implants procedure is much more advanced than regular oral treatment. In fact, it’s technically a form of surgery. Therefore, it’s essential to seek out a dental implant specialist to ensure the best possible chance of success with no complications.

If you’re someone who has lost teeth, then you will no doubt have considered the replacement options, one of which is dental implants. This treatment is where a titanium screw replaces the natural root by being anchored and integrated with the jaw bone. From there, an artificial tooth is attached. This means the tooth has a rock-solid foundation for improved strength and functionality, but you will only enjoy these benefits if your dental implant is placed correctly and heals well.

In this post, we’ll highlight a few of the reasons why it’s vital to find a dental implant specialist, and what the consequences can be if you entrust a lesser-quality dental professional.

A Dental Implants Procedure is Surgery

We already mentioned above that dental implants require a surgical procedure, but it’s worth reiterating the point. A dental implants procedure requires planning, extensive knowledge of the process, and the abilities of a highly-skilled dental surgeon. It’s for these reasons that it’s essential to find a dental implant specialist who possesses all of these traits.

Doing so will not only ensure that the implant is integrated with the jaw bone efficiently, but it also prevents infection and other dental implant problems later on. Here at Blue Light Dental Clinic, our dentists have in-depth knowledge and over 20 years of experience, allowing us to provide clients with restored smiles and chewing function.

Incorrect Placement Will Cause Long-Term Issues

One of the issues that occur if your dental surgeon isn’t experienced or skilled enough is incorrect dental implant placement. This is when the implant is put in place at the wrong angle or location, which can prevent the tooth from functioning correctly.

This will make it extremely difficult to chew, and the added stress on the implant could cause long-term issues such as bone loss. The bone loss means the dental implant will loosen, creating a pocket of space in the gum, in which food and bacteria can build up and increase the chances of gum disease or infection.

A High-Quality Treatment Plan for Dental Implants is Essential

Aside from the actual surgery, the most crucial stage of getting dental implants is the treatment planning. This is the vital process where your dentist will create a clear idea of the type of teeth you will have post-implant. From here, your dentist/dental surgeon will have all of the information they need in regards to the exact area to place the implant, as well as the angle or position it should be placed.

A dental implant specialist will have an abundance of experience with every step of the process, including the treatment plan. They will be able to provide an implant and prosthetic tooth — based on the information in your treatment plan — that will not only give you a set of pearly whites to be proud of but also make chewing less of a chore.

Are you missing teeth and considering dental implants as a permanent solution? If so, your first step should always be to find a reputable and skilful dental implant specialist. This means that dental implants procedures will be something that they have a wealth of experience and knowledge in, leaving your oral health in the hands of someone you can trust.

Here at Blue Light Dental Clinic, our dentists provide customers with high-quality, scientifically-engineered dental implants, using their vast knowledge gained through over 20 years of experience to ensure the utmost efficiency. Please get in touch today to book a consultation!

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