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Anti Wrinkle Injections in North London, N8

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If you would like to take years off your face and at the same time look natural and beautiful, you are in the right place.

Dr Monika is known for her expertise in facial aesthetics and beauty treatments. You can trust her with your face, skin and body. She has an extensive experience in using majority of the products to enhance your natural beauty. Your safety is her priority.

We are proud to let you know we have been accepted on Treatments You Can Trust Register, accredited by Professional Standards Authority.  We have been checked for anti wrinkle treatments safety and patient satisfaction by an independent body. Rest assured you are in the safe hands.

“After the first time I had anti wrinkle treatments, people were asking me if I was in love because my face looked so naturally younger. Michelleʺ

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Anti-wrinkle injections

It is true that you are as young as you feel… but it’s nice when your face reflects your inner youth, even after a long night you’ve spent at work or with your friends.

Anti wrinkle treatments in North London, N8

The most innovative techniques and solutions allow us to effectively smooth any wrinkles. With the use of a botulinum toxin, we can minimise frown lines, skin on your forehead or crow’s feet. We have chosen a special purified protein – Azzalure. Upon injection into facial muscles, it relaxes them temporary, reversing the ageing signs and softening facial expression in the process.

“I cannot recommend Dr Monica & her highly efficient assistant enough! I’ve had botox & filler administered by Dr Monica over 4 years, & I can’t imagine trusting anyone else with injecting needles into my face after discovering her work now. I believe I speak with credible authority as I’ve tried several so called ‘doctors’ with horrific results ranging from incredibly painful injections/ severe bruising/ sub-standard results that didn’t last/ & I was even left with noticeable hard lumps in my lips at the hands of a very inexperienced ‘doctor’ on Harley Street (which Dr Monica has since corrected beautifully.) Her expertise & vast knowledge mean that she consistently gives me amazing results & she delivers the injections very swiftly so I hardly feel discomfort. Dr Monica and her assistant are both highly competent, friendly & professional, so go see her if you’re looking for the highest standard of botox/ facial fillers at fantastic prices, you will be delighted with the results I assure you :)” – Tracy Hurst

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Anti-wrinkle injections

What is Botulinum Toxin?

It is a neurotoxic protein produced by bacterium Clostridium botulinum, which blocks the electrical impulses transmitted from the brain to the muscles for their contraction. In medical terms, it is a bacterium which prevents the acetylcholine release. In the beginning, since the early 80s, it has been injected to stop the movement of hyperactive muscles, thus helping in the effective and safe treatment of lid spasm (blepharospasm) and cross-eye (strabismus). It is very helpful treating chronic migraine and bruxism.

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ʺHighly recommend anyone to use their anti wrinkle treatments , especially the botox injections. Abigail Pankhurstʺ

How does botulinum toxin anti wrinkle treatment work?

Over the years, the hyperactivity of facial muscles usually leads to crow’s feet, frown or forehead lines appearance. As a result of injecting botulinum toxin into appropriate muscles, they become temporarily paralysed and the wrinkles, they are the cause of, become smoother or can even completely disappear. It blocks the electrical impulses transmitted from the brain to the muscles for their contraction. In medical terms, it prevents the acetylcholine release.

I was so unhappy about the wrinkles on my forehead as I felt too young for these deep lines with my age of 29. That’s why I had my first botox treatment done by Monika last week. The result is impressive!!! My forehead looks as if I never had any wrinkles. Such an amazing treatment!!!! Victoria Giorgio

When and how long does botulinum toxin work?

You can observe the first effects in 48-72 hours after the procedure. The final results, however, can be seen after around 1-2 weeks.

The effects are very natural – the procedure will not result in a mask-like facial expression. It will simply become more relaxed. For the results to be retained, after 4-6 months the treatment should be repeated, as the effects wear off after the time.

ʺPain free, delicate, great results. Dr Monika is always carefully listening and attentive to the needs. Luise Brownʺ

Potential adverse affects (side effects)

Injection of botulinum toxin is not only effective but also very safe. However, as in the case of virtually any procedure, some side effects might be observed, most of which are reversible. Most common is redness after injection and a bruising. Although we take a lot of care to minimise those as much as possible.

ʺI trust Monica’s judgement when I need advice on what anti wrinkle treatments would be best for me, trust is vitally important. Anne Murphyʺ


ʺI feel they never do unnecessary work and have their customers best interests at heart. Michelleʺ


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