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Fees & Offers

Six Month Smiles from £1800 only

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Giving you a beautifully straight smile using discrete, cosmetic, clear brackets starting from only £1800.

Includes FREE hygienic session during treatment and FREE fixed and removable retention after the treatment.


Azzalure anti-wrinkle injections

Anti-wrinkle treatments:

  • 1 area £160
  • 2 areas £199
  • 3 areas £235


OsteoCare dental implants

Minimally invasive solution for missing teeth.

Dental implants and smiling woman

From £1800 including a crown. 

New lower denture and two dental implants – £2500 -£3500

Zoom teeth whitening in north london

Zoom! Teeth Whitening 


Including one hour Zoom! teeth whitening in the surgery and free home kit with night or day whitening gels.


Treament Price
Implant Consultation£50
Teeth Straightening ConsultationFree
6 Month Smiles £2700
Quick Straight Teeth£2700
Missed Appointment (every 30min)£30
New Patient Exam, incl 2 Xryas£50
Routine Exam£30
Scale and Polish£60
The Wand (needle, pain free injection)£20
Root Canal Treatment1 canal – £350
2 canal – £390
3 canal – £495
White Filling£100 – £180
Porcelain Crown£450
Post Crown£200
E-Max Crown£650
Bridge£430 per tooth/unit
Clear Aligner£2200 per arch
Chrome Denture£1000
Flexi Partial Denture
1-3 Teeth
4-8 Teeth

Full Acrylic Denture£800
Extraction£100 -£200
Non Surgical Wisdom Tooth Extraction£200 (upper wisdom)
£250(lower wisdom)
Mouth Guard£250
Fixed Orthodontic Retainer£250
Removable Orthodontic Retainer£200
Inman Aligner£1900
Zoom! Whitening £355
Bleaching trays£150
Re-cementing crown£50

Anti-Wrinkle Injections:

Treament Price
Armpits (excessive sweating)£300
Frown Lines (above nose) 1 area£160
Forehead (complete) 2areas£199
Forehead and Crows Feet 3areas£235
Bunny Lines£160
Hyperthrophy of Masseter (chewing) Muscle – Square Jaw£235
Gummy Smile£160
Mouth Corners Lift£160
Smokers Lines£160
V-shape jaw line/Jowl lift£250
Neck £300

Dermal Fillers:

Treament Price
Frown Line 0.5 ml (Juvaderm)£199
Cheek Augmentation 2ml (Teosyal, Juvaderm)£450
Tear Trough 1ml (Teosyal, Juvaderm)£295
Cheek augm and tear trough 3ml (Teosyal, Juvaderm)£670
Upper and Lower Lips 1ml£295
Nose to Mouth Lines 1ml£295
BDA goodpractice member RCS American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry CareQuality Commission
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