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Spread the Cost of Your Dental Treatment with 0% Finance Payment Plans

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If you’ve decided on a dental treatment but don’t want to pay the full amount upfront, our finance payment plans can help you spread the cost of your treatment over up to 60 months with 0% finance available for 36 months or less.

Whether you have a dental emergency that needs urgent attention or you have your eye on a cosmetic procedure that will transform your smile and boost your confidence, we don’t think the cost should stand between you and your dream smile.

We’ve partnered with Finance4Patients to give our patients the option to spread the cost of their treatments with a 0% finance plan.

3 Steps to Finance Your Dental Treatment

1. Initial Consultation

First thing’s first, before you can apply for finance you need to book a consultation with one of our dentists. During your consultation, they’ll take a look at your teeth and discuss any issues and treatment possibilities with you. They’ll let you know which treatments are suitable for you and provide all the information you need about the treatment plan and costs.

2. Apply for Finance

If you and your dentist decide on a treatment plan, you can then decide to apply for finance. Your dentist will walk you through how the payment plan works and after your appointment, you’ll receive an email with an application form. You’ll have 48 hours to fill out your information.

3. Receive an Instant Decision

Once you’ve applied for finance, you’ll receive a decision, usually within 10 seconds of submitting the application form. If your application for finance is approved, both you and your dentist will be informed, and then all that’s left for you to do is sign the finance agreement and start your treatment!

Why Finance Your Dental Treatment?

  • Start Treatment Straight Away

When it comes to your dental health, some issues can become more serious the longer they’re left untreated. By using a finance plan to spread the cost of your dental treatment, you won’t have to wait or save up before starting treatment. Instant decisions on your application mean you can book the procedure you need right now.

  • 0% Finance Plans

Financing your dental treatment doesn’t have to cost you anything extra. With 0% finance plans, you’ll pay the same amount you would have paid up front but over several months or even years. Our finance plans are completely interest-free unless you decide to spread the cost of your dental treatment over a longer period of time, in which case you’ll pay just 9.9%.

  • Make Dental Treatments More Affordable

You can spread the cost of your treatment over a period of your choice. This way, your dental work doesn’t have to cause you any financial strain. Instead of being burdened by one upfront cost, you can gradually pay for the treatment in affordable monthly instalments.

  • Easy Application Process

You can apply for finance quickly and easily — it’s just a case of filling out the application form and receiving a decision instantly. There’s no need to spend a long time applying or waiting for approval.

Who Can Apply for Dental Treatment Finance?

If you’re aged between 18 and 80, you have at least three years of UK address history and you have an income of over £10,000 per annum, you can apply for finance. You also need to own a debit or credit card and have a bank account that allows you to set up direct debit payments, as this is how you’ll pay for your treatment.

If you’re ready to spread your dental treatment cost, contact us today to book a consultation and we’ll help you find the most suitable treatment and finance plan.

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